Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Chance of a Bang

You know what seems appropriate?

A countdown!!0

A Quintet of Riisons that Describe Why Wii Makes Mii Happii

Number 5
Forecast Channel

Say we live in a world where people like me never leave the confides of their homes, specifically the lower basements of these living arrangements, yet they still care about the external enviroment of their brick/aluminium/log/straw houses.

They're too busy playing the Nintendo Wii or masturbating to venture outside!

If only there were some possible way to check the weather without moving or digital/analog cable!

Fuck yes.

The temperature could be measured in Kelvin and it would still be the neatest feature on any gadget that featured Zelda, Mario and a heavily armored female bounty hunter with an powerfully versatile arm cannon.


Pierced intentions,
Brett or BERTT


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