Monday, January 01, 2007

Uniting the separatists

Fissuring normality often creates a newborn sense of habitual delight.

See, it's finally 2007; three-hundred sixty-five days that many of my peers make a fuss about. It's the year that graces the varisty jackets of fellow classmates, a seemingly fantastical time of lurking freedom and inevitable maturity. Come May, I could be a graduate. I could be excited to finally earn such a popular priviledge.

But I'm not.

Time to resolve the conflects holding me back from potential paychecks and potatoes.


1. I need to get a fucking scanner. Currently, there are TWO (2)(II)(4^.5) scanning devices on my computer desk, however, without installed drivers, they are practically coarpses, rotting in a pile of dissappointing filth. There exists a pair of discs, somewhere, that will allow the machines to play with my Dell Demension, thus enabling a Pluto of possibilities.

2. To fully utalize a scanner, my drawing skills have to improve immensely so my ideas can be confidentally produced in pure plurality. Not sure how to go about doing so though, maybe a montage is in store.

3. Finding my way to a large scale, legit Nerf War would be pretty stellar, also.

4. loose wait. im to fat.

Oh yeah.

Meet Balls. I like to play with him. I have a fascination with him, and I've also been known to kiss him.

He's ideal. Everything that inhabited my speculating dreams was made true and good, somewhat of a surprise, really. Usually if I anticipate irresponsibly I end up disappointed and coldly alone.

The Nintendo Wii is amazing, well worth the wait that was extended 5.5 weeks.

More sometime.

Nano shlamoes,
Brett with one tee


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