Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Global appeal

A Quintent of Riisons Describing why Wii Makes Mii Happii

Number 4: The Collabortive Controller(s)

The defining trait of the Nintendo Wii lies within it's unique/intuative/white/gimmicky/generally awesome controller, which utalizes a wireless remote and assorted attachable attachments.


It's motion sensitive, comfortable and stylish, we all know that. However, Wiiless individuals are probably unaware of the versatility of the apparatus.

You can play in enough positions to make Paris Hilton say "Well, that's new."

Example 1: Normal

Focused, yet reserved.

Example 2: Crossed Eagle

Relaxed and endured

Example 3: Tired

Lazy but surprisingly effective

Example 4: Unnecessarily Active

Flamboyantly dangerous

Plus, the Wiimote has a bunch of seemingly pointless features that add impressive variables to the games being played on Nintendo's latest masterpiece, most notably the little speaker that, despite dishing poor quality audio, makes the gameplay somewhat immersive and even more noisy. The subtle rumbles help the experience, also.

The bataliion has been passed (darkenss=dramatic).

Enclosed longevity,


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