Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mending the debate

As a person of momentariness, specific issues randomly obstruct my path (much like FF hellions); topics that are too meaningful to ignore without the guilt of a thousand Anna Nicole references.

It's time to unleash my thoughts.

Today's Quarrel
Superman vs. Godzilla

A common complaint against the Superman series refers to the Man of Steel's godliness; he's infallible in battle and nothing of this world can cause him harm, not even his own Nintendo 64 game.

We all know that Superman has a weakness in the solid form of a neon kelly rock. Too bad it's more precious than a Playstation 3 (IRONY!!!2)

Godzilla, on the other spectrum, is quite suceptible to a wider variety of attacks and missiles, although his stamina and will can rival that of Rocky Balboa (MOVIE REFRANCE!!!). Godzilla has died at least twice along with a noticable list of defeats, most at the hands of nobler, heroic kaiju attempting to halt G-zill's lumbering fury against the energy-wormhole we live on.

A lot of things hurt Godzilla, he just fights through it.

Scenario: Metropolis, USA; a calm dusk wind seeps through the urban forest, peace is evident. Then Godzilla emerges from Nameless East Coast Ocean #2 with destruction in his plans and his tail on his butt. Clark Kent, fresh out of the potty, sees the potent menace and rips off his Tuesday's best, preparing himself for the Japanese titan with armored green flesh.

End Result: Godzilla melts Superman's spandex-clad ass with a simple blast of his atomic introducer.

"but suprman is 2 fast!!"

Perhaps, but all Godzilla would need to do is hit Superman once to end the conflict. Superman, however, would need an elaboratle cause-and-effect-driven situation that is unlikely to carry out perfectly, and even if it did, who says Godzilla was thwarted for good?

I don't care who you are, a nuclear beam > you.

Godzilla 1, Superman 0 (FINAL)

Swimless birds,
Brett freak!!1


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