Thursday, February 22, 2007

Legacy Estates

Sometimes you just gotta publicly say:

"Holy shit, I'm a big loser."

To me, the word 'loser' is a precursor to 'failure', a title awarded to those constantly thigh-deep in a pit of either inadequacy or self-pity.

It's a good time to be a loser.

A few things...

My new favorite cereal

...balls. That's not even the right kind. I swear the boxes are identical.

Imagine frosted flakes with subtle strawberry tongue-ticklers, endorsed and engraved with a half-dozen heroins from your cherished childhood chronicles.

Simple, tasty, satisfying AND IT TURNS YOUR MILK PINK.

What's weird about my love for Disney Princess Fairytale Flakes is my initial loathing of its flavor, which isn't spectacular...BUT DOES LUCKY CHARMS HAVE THE APPROVAL OF SNOW WHITE I DON'T FUCKING THINK SO.

Cheaters is a reality television program bases on two-way deception. Racial Stereotypes can expose their unfaithful others by means of spy-cameras and nonlethal hitmen. After gathering evidence, the 'cheatees' can seek the truth/revenge with an incriminating intervention, complete with brawls and enough screaming to make Slipknot look like Rockapella.

The host is the most entertaining aspect, however. His name is Joey Greco, he excels at broke sentences and starting fights when there otherwise isn't a need for one.

Buy his t-shirt!!

They'll learn.

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