Sunday, January 21, 2007

Giving it back

It's due time to write about a preferable topic, or at least create my own damn prompts for a change.

Feel free to use these without fear...

Could someone use a douche to water plants?

Are there actual bears in Chicago?

Fires are caused by certain chemicals. Do you feel such chemicals can spark sexual interest?

I like pineapples but my friend likes homogenous bread. Is there any hope of redemption?

What is cheap?

If you could make a word, how would it spelt (include language of orgin) and what it mean?

When do you expect Power Rangers to finally deal with abortion and gay marriage?

What weapons would increase the vitamin definciency in modern house cats?

My printer is yelling at me. Where did it learn to talk?

Finally, somebody spliced an "i" with an "r" to make an irrigator.

Mandating laxatives,


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