Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ripping some old ones

People have actually blamed my Blog for Lance Bass's sexual choice unveiling.

I happened to mention *NSync's appropriately named bass singer in a typically amateur Blogpost, mostly as a "think of a celebrity" reference. He's always been my favorite member of the defunct boy-band due to his shyness and Brett Favre appraisal, so including him seemed fine enough.

Notice how the post was BEFORE his came out of the closet.

I'll admit that it was a bit eerie; Lance was not in the news prior to his famous cover-shot and headline quote and having a random reference be the talk of the press makes me ponder a little harder than I should.

As stated before, several individuals scorned my blog for "turning Lance gay". Just to prove them wrong, here is one thought/item regarding every OTHER member of *NSync and we'll see what happens.


This makes up for Sexyback...well, almost.

JC Chasez

Look, a self-proclaimed classic!


Joey plans to star alongside Lance (Bass) in a new sitcom, scheduled to begin airing sometime in 2007. The show will be broadcasted on the CW Network, which is apparently the hybrid of the WB and UPN (think of it as a mixed-race couple's baby.) How the network will advertise is beyond me, although I personally suggest a "Ghetto Emo" approach.


Chris's last name is a combination of Star Trek Captains (James T. KIRK played by Billy Shatner and Jean-Luc Picard played by PATRICK Stewart). This means his ancestors were not only trekkies, but ORACLE TREKKIES, for they could see the future of science fiction AND dedicate themselves to it.

There. Science will carry out the rest.

Standing logs could be sliding frogs.

Jealous buoyancy,
Brettsten Warx


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