Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Applicant may be subject to Brontosaurus...

Humility is often the dessert that follows the entree of disappointment in a glaze of defeat, garnished with shattered expectations and served on the finest China overconfidence can buy. Speaking of which, my stomach is demanding food, I'm not one to disobey my digestive system's vital organs.

Doing my part to help those with Calender Defeiciency: it's July 11. An earth week after America's Independence day, often used as a halfway checkpoint of the beloved season of fun and ice cream (aka summer). Like most, I made a mental to-do-list of tasks to accomplish in the three month vacation from ghastly confines of high school. Actually, no. Grades 9 through 12 aren't really bad by any means, and everyone who looks at them as being a slave 3/4 of the year needs a all-expenses-paid trip to Cambodia or the Arctic Ocean.

(this next section is written by guest writer and vocalist and space cowboy, Lance Bass)

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Anyways, after Brett veered off his paragraphical race track, he found his way back thanks to a friendly turtle fisherman that rode on an apparently dense cloud. Our favorite Minnesota-based 17-year-old smartass was then beaten to unconsciousness by Evander Holyfield, who for the record has nothing against Brett at all, the kid just happened to be in a very unfortuante spot at a likewise unlucky period of time.

Before blacking out from the massive left hook, Brett left sloppily mumbled these words:

"Ouch, that really hurt. That will teach me to be more efficient while writing. Say, Lance, can you spot me a blog post?"

He then shat himself and layed his head against a cantelope, on which he slumbered for countless hours.

To be honest, it's of my best interests to keep this entry short, like how MadTV's run should have been, and there's nothing me keeping me from doing so, eh?

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