Friday, September 16, 2005

Wait, that can't POSSIBLY be it.

As many of you could or could not know, Nintendo offically unvieled their missing piece in the 3D puzzle known as the Revolution. All around the net, pics of the controller and explanations (which HAD to be good) on just how it would work. For those who have not seen it yet:

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I've narrowed it down to just 3 possible thoughts that register after first veiwing the channel ch-uh...controller.

1. Won't Phillips sue Nintendo for stealing thier TV-remote design?
2. Maybe it can work.
3. Dude, could I make a bong out of that?

My mind was filled with #1 at first, but then as the afternoon came about it grew on me...sorta. After viewing it originally during the midmorning, I was positive Nintendo made a bet with Sony that it could lose all its fans in a 5 year span. Still a bit shocked, I had to know where exactly Nintendo was going with this thing. Tunrs out it has got a motion sensor, one that senses motion. The console and TV themselves will have infa-red (making shit up now) things on them which will allow the play to use the controller from out of space, flawlessly.

Seriously folks, if you want to slash a sword on your screen, you slash the controller. You want to jump, make the controller go up. This little gimick/feature is so intriguing, I HAVE to try it at least once. HAVE to.

Nintendo couldn't beat Sony and Microsoft at their games, so they decided to make up their own. The Revoltuion is just what its name describes. I applaud the company for taking a risk (which probably won't work) that just may change video games forever.

Of course, for all the curious gamers out there, only a small fraction of them will actually purchase the system. But we don't know when or where the Revolution will be released, let alone how much it will cost. If Nintendo really wants to compete, they have to make the Rev much cheaper than the PS3 and the X360. Potential buyers will take the chance if there's money to save. Hey, it worked for SEGA sports.

Will the PS3 and X360 sell bigger? Definately. With the other two systems coming out at least 6 months earlier, fans will flock to those. Some Nintendo fan-boys will paitently wait for thier console. In order for the Rev to sell semi-not-small, it needs to be a great system with a great gimmick. They've already got half of the winning formula.

You may be saying, "So will the Revolution controller only be able to handle Revolution games?" Not necessarily. Nintendo will release several "expansion" controllers, such as the seperate analog stick nicknamed the "Nunchaku".

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Using this add-on, players can control their movement with the stick while the standard controller will work as the right-analog of sorts. It also adds 2 more buttons to press! Nintendo racks up the money making you buy add-ons that are substantial to the games being played. This is made evident when I saw another not-so-optional optional accesory, the Gamecube controller (with a bigger c-stick). You slide the Rev controller inside, not unlike Dreamcast memory card. All conventinal games will be played using this. Eesh.

My emotions about the controller are still mixed. Like a salad of some sort. Maybe Caesar, or one of those nutty ones from Wendy's. Maybe more in the future?

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Mike, check!

Here is the first ever blog post on Jack High Blog, the all-natural website enhancer. Hopefully this will equal more updates and less clutter on the front page. I really have nothing else to talk about. Sorry.