Friday, December 30, 2005

I am Oprah, hear me eat.

JHF Down Period: Day 8

It's difficult to maintain a website in high school, especially if you like to be involved in education-related activities or overrated sports. Jack High Flush was starting to feel like a chore, or a really low-paying job, so it was/is time for a little break, for the sake of time and quality. If you dislike me for that, sorry. Just don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

A recent semi-obession of mine has been The Warriors: the book by Sol Yurick, the John Hill-directed movie and now Rockstar Toronto's beat-em-up. "Cult-classic" never really meant anything to me until I was sucked into one. The Warriors, to me at least, is excellent and nothing else comes close to creating such a unique world. To 89% of the world, however, it is a nonexistant story with some weird characters. If you like the Warriors, you love it. If you don't like the Warriors, you think little of it. It fits the definition of a cult classic, and I guess that following includes the likes of me now.

Towards the end of the Jackitron show, the award for best game was given out to Catwoman because EA Games had taken over the world. The winner was supposed to be World of Warcraft, but the more I ponder that thought, the more it's wrong. WoW isn't as much as a game as it is an alternate life. Several friends of mine have been consumed by the addicting and controlling ways of Blizzard's uberly-successful MMO, and they will never be the same person again. Often times they find themselves discussing WoW for hours, even while they're away from the game. WoW takes over an entire person's being, making it a master rather than a video game. In conclusion, God of War is better anyways.

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Quote of the current:
"If Charles was in charge, how come he didn't sing the theme song?"

Hoping for the better,
Warx 2005

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Fiction, each day!

Boy, it's been too long. With almost 2 weeks between any sort of update, I have an annoucement to make:

Jack High Flush will be going on hiatus until further notice.

JHBlog will continue to be kept during the down period, but no articles/comics will be added for however long it takes me to find a new provider. Fuck you, Geocities.

Christmas, for the first time ever, snuck up on me. I doubt the words, "Holy shit, it's Christmas in 4 days," have scrambled out of my mouth before, and if they have, I was lying/quoting/in the future, looking back at my current self. Hope all your seasonal activities are fun, safe, and most of all: festive. Don't forget the holidays really deal with religions, and remember that doesn't mean you can cherish the times for gathering with loved ones. There, the first ever advice column on JHF. Here's the second:

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Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good week or however long it takes me to post again.

Angles we have heard on high,
Brettzki singing (tremendously off-key) all over the place