Monday, March 26, 2007

Skipping to Victory

Satisfaction is a compromise.

It's the last week of March. My favorite month of the calender year was elusive and committed to efficiency, as I only now notice how quietly it has zipped past.

March is the most active period for hoops. By 'hoops', my intention was to make a hip/fresh reference to the legitimate sport of basketball, but apparently I should leave modern lingo up to the kids. Basketball seasons of all levels begin to conclude, highlighted by the top amateur league in the nation, the NCAA.

The NCAA Men's Basketball tournament has grown popular over the years, drawing fans from all over the country to view the spectacular showings of athleticism and racial turnabout. In fact, many American gentlemen wager money on the event, most frequently in mass gambling collections known as 'pools'.

I myself have tried my luck in one of these 'pools', and let me tell you: it sure makes the games more interesting for an otherwise uninterested chum such as yourself!

A few points:

1. Ohio State University is Wanted for Murder
I have 3 distinct brackets in 3 separate pools, each with a certain team finding somewhat unexpected success. The Ohio State Buckeyes, with their treelike treachery, have found ways to snip two thirds of my hopeful champions.

First they took out Xavier, my dark horse that was sure to make all the ladies want me in their arms again. The Musketeers from Cincinnati (Xavier) had the Buckeyes (OSU) physically, literally, and spiritually beaten. All it would take is a simple foul shot and the #1 see in the South Regional would fall, just as I expected.

Nope. Those Columbus bastards won.

Then came Tennessee, the 5th seed with momentum and the featured actors in my bracket, "I Actually Put Some Thought Into This One". The Volunteers scored 126 points in their first-round slaughtering of Long Beach State (the Dirtbags were cleaned out LOL) only to take out the respectable Virginia Cavaliers in a much closer contest. OSU were the next in line, and TU surprised many with a twenty point lead as the initial half came to a close. It wasn't a quiet twenty points, either. The Volunteers were everywhere, making the Buckeyes look like a couple of white kids in snowboots. Point of the matter, the men in that indescribable orange color were rollin'.

Nope. Ohio State won with a frustratingly effective comeback.

Which brings me to...

2. Who Told this Guy to Shoot the Ball No Matter How Many Opponents were in the Way?

Players just don't know how to set up game winning shots any more.

The Buckeyes slit two of my allies' throats, and now they have their knives at Georgetown's jugular, sharply ready to end all my hope for cash winnings.

Now I must place my dreams in the capable hands of Patrick Ewing's offspring.

May your April be fertile and untouched.

Denounce the ending,

Monday, March 12, 2007

Cool calm clam

I live as though a cursed object is causing all my woes, and all troubles will cease if the talisman is promptly removed or at least transferred to another's possession.

This means I'm crazy.

It's been a while...since I've posted on sequential evenings, but it feels good to do so.


It does.

Looking forward to something has always been the key to my motivation; the thought of better times ahead kept me moving/grooving. Looking backward is a suitable replacement, although it's proven to serve as an unnecessary pit stop.

The coolest thing before sliced bread was probably a bread slicer.

Musketeers all the way.

Avoiding avoidance,
Brett Bubbles

Sunday, March 11, 2007

In a Sentence

Overwhelm yourself
with the overwhelming warmth
of fucking up.

Maybe someday
you'll figure out that
you're not a contraction
at all.

Two discrete words,
discreetly obvious.
It's not meant to be
that way.

For one, they do not
share a language of origin, nor a pronunciation.

But damn. They were effective.
Closing gaps, filling space
and your face.

Grammar police wooo woo wooo.

Act like I'm nothing.
Act like I'm garbage.
Act like I'm obscure.
Act like I'm nothing.

It's easy being nothing.

Sprint to your doom,